Your Holistic Journey with Earthotic


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Our Mission

Our goal is to partner with you on your journey to a holistic lifestyle no matter what stage you are in. We want to encourage you to never give up on your decision to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and to surround yourself with likeminded people on your journey to improve and balance your mind, body and spirit. At Earthotic, we believe that the human body will thrive if is it fueled with pure nourishment from the earth. You may be asking yourself what Earthotic means. Well, we’re glad you asked! Earthotic means one’s relationship with the earth from a holistic aspect. Earth is the only place our bodies can receive proper nourishment in its purest form, free from synthetics, toxins and GMO’s. If you passionately believe we thrive as human beings by embracing holistic earth and all it has to offer, you are Earthotic!

Our Vision

Our vision is for you to take control of your health because NO one else should have the power to do so, but you. We firmly believe that if you are well informed about how to reach your optimal level of health that you are more than qualified to make your own decisions regarding your health and wellbeing.


Good Health

We believe that whole organic foods from trusted sources are necessary for optimal health benefits.


It’s simple. We are here for you whether you recently decided to live a holistic lifestyle, or you have been on your journey for some time and just need a little extra support from others who are in your shoes. When you are on your holistic journey, you may not receive proper support from people in general. They may mean well, but sometimes instead of encouraging you to stick with your goals, they unconsciously discourage you because they do not fully understand why choosing a holistic lifestyle over a toxic one is necessary to thrive as a human being. You try to educate them, but it just doesn’t seem to get through and eventually you find yourself all alone on your holistic journey.

Not having a strong support team can make it difficult to make healthy choices over unhealthy ones and sometimes result in reverting back to your unhealthy habits. Just know that there are many people out there just like you, including those of us at Earthotic. We must stick together because it’s necessary to have positive support when you need to stay on a straight path to meet your health-related goals.

Supporting likeminded people is the very reason the Earthotic brand was born. We are not here to only offer you high quality natural and organic products, but we also want to offer you the support and encouragement necessary to keep you on track to a healthier lifestyle. We truly care and want to partner with you every step of the way. Our dedication to becoming an extension of your support network is what sets us apart and is a great reason to choose Earthotic.


We believe that whole organic foods from trusted sources are necessary for optimal health benefits, therefore we source high quality certified organic non-GMO ingredients. When you are starting your holistic journey, consuming pure whole foods are essential for detoxification, boosting the body’s pH levels and improving your current state of health.

Our Organic Super Green Energy Booster is a combination of potent highly concentrated dark leafy greens packed with minerals, enzymes and nutrients that our bodies crave. The body needs to be alkalized, detoxified and energized to keep the immune system functioning at an optimal level. Choosing our Organic Super Green Energy Booster will keep you on track to meeting your goals, whether it be a healthier lifestyle, weight loss or to get your required daily servings of green vegetables.

Our Organic Chocolate Protein Booster combines premium quality vegan ingredients including Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Pumpkin Protein and Organic Brown Silk Rice Protein. This nourishing protein booster is a great choice for smoothie lovers who want high levels of protein from vegan sources. It’s a great way to start your day whether it is used as a meal replacement or for weight loss. This powerful ingredient combination provides a complete source of protein, essential fatty and amino acids. We believe that the best way to supplement on your holistic journey is to choose organic vegan supplements.

Look no further, we have exactly what you need, so do yourself a favor and try Our Organic Super Green Energy Booster and Organic Chocolate Protein Booster today!

If you are ready to start your holistic journey, then let’s take the first steps together.

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